Water Wave Therapy

Water Wave Therapy

MEDICOVI insoles are cutting-edge technical products, developed and tested with help from the Universities of Copenhagen and Aalborg.

Our insoles give instant, effective pain relief through their unique and innovative Water Wave Therapy. This responds almost instantly to the movement of your foot, providing optimal and adaptive support as you walk.


How Does Water Wave Therapy Work?

The first benefit you get from water wave therapy is excellent shock absorption with every step, reducing pressure on painful feet and giving immediate relief. The force absorbed in dampening the impact sets off hydraulic pressure waves, which gently but firmly force the foot's tendons and muscles to carry out a series of vertical movements. This will exercise your foot's muscles and tendons, promoting elasticity and making them less vulnerable to strain. It will also increase blood supply and, as a result, energy supply to the heel as well as providing lightning-fast stimulation of sensory nerves and improving balance.


MEDICOVI insoles are the only water-filled insoles, and the only ones to use this Water Wave technology. This makes them some of the best around for relieving pain and promoting healthy feet. This can improve your quality of life and help you to remain comfortable even after long days on your feet.

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