Sports & Activity

Sports and Activity

MEDICOVI insoles are perfect for active people and sports enthusiasts. If you're struggling with foot pain, this will obviously impair your performance and reduce the amount of activity you are able to do. Whether you're a professional sports player or somebody who is just trying to get fit, this is definitely bad news.


Athletes, in particular, often suffer from pains in their Achilles tendons. Often, this is caused by a lack of elasticity in other tendons; the plantar fascia which run along the length of the foot. This condition is known as plantar fasciitis, and stems from tendons not getting the kind of exercise they should because we always walk on level surfaces wearing supportive shoes.

When these tendons lose their elasticity, they seem to be too short for the foot and become vulnerable to even fairly mild stress. Sports and other activities can easily damage them. By combining powerful shock absorbing properties with Water Wave Therapy to gently exercise the tendons and keep them elastic, MEDICOVI insoles can help prevent plantar fasciitis, reduce or eliminate existing pain, and help you to achieve better performance in all kinds of activities.

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