The Balancing Problem

The Balancing Problem

MEDICOVI's D40 insoles are a lot like spectacles; they are technical devices designed to provide instant correction. But of course, instead of correcting your vision they provide real-time correction and enhancement for your body's ability to balance.

MEDICOVI insoles can help with a wide range of balance-related issues, though the exact amount of help they can give will depend on the problem. For instance:

  • MS sufferers will be able to benefit as long as the nerves in the soles of their feet still contribute to their balance, though the amount of benefit depends on the extent to which the condition has affected their balance.
  • Often, patients who are experiencing problems with balance after a stroke will find MEDICOVI-D40 and MEDICOVI-D45 insoles help their rehabilitation to speed up considerably.
  • MEDICOVI insoles provide added confidence to older people and help them avoid falls.
  • According to surveys, MEDICOVI D40 insoles are usually a suitable substitute for drop foot braces. 


Balance and Pain

Though pain is not strictly a balance problem, the two often go hand-in-hand. MEDICOVI insoles not only help to improve balance, but provide fast and effective pain relief through absorbing the shock of your footsteps and promoting healthy micro-movement of the foot. The MEDICOVI-D40 insole, especially, provides both excellent balance support and effective pain relief for the foot, knee, hip and back.

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