The Causes of Forefoot Pain

The Causes of Forefoot Pain

Forefoot pain often comes about when the layers of skin on the ball of the foot aren't able to property cope with the weight of your body. The human foot evolved to cope with walking barefoot on uneven surfaces, but today we walk on smooth, level, artificial floors in thick-soled shoes. This causes very uneven distribution of your body weight on the ball of your foot, with a few small areas of skin taking most of your body's weight. This causes physical strain and reduced blood flow as blood vessels are compressed under the load, leading to fatigue and pain.

 If you have problems with foot pain later in the day but not generally in the morning, this is probably the cause. When you rest overnight, energy reserves are transported to these cells and stored ready for use, so at the start of the day there is no problem. Over the course of the day, however, these reserves are used up and blood supply is too restricted to properly restock them, causing fatigue and pain.

We tend to be more vulnerable to these problems as we age, because the foot tends to grow wider over time and the skin becomes more stretched. At the same time, skin under the very tips of the bones in our feet tends to lose flexibility, and the fat cushion under our soles tends to shrink. 

These problems are common for all kinds of people, but severity varies a lot from one individual to another. That's why MEDICOVI provide a range of insoles to help deal with forefoot pain, offering different levels of support according to the wearer's needs. The worse the problem, the thicker the insole it will need. Bear in mind, though, that thicker insoles may limit your choice of footwear as your shoes will have to have room to accommodate them.

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