Warm Your Sole

Warm your Sole

100% natural chilblain treatment.

30ML Bottle

Paraben and SLS free.

Safe for children and diabetics


Warm Your Sole € 15.00

Warm Your Sole is fantastic in the treatment of chilblains. It gives almost instant relief.  For best results begin treatment at the end of September through to April.  Switching to Banish that Blotch for the summer months will continue to boost the circulatory system in feet. 


Chilblains in patients who have been using Warm Your Sole over a number of years has lessened considerably.




Warm your Sole contains antiseptic qualities to soothe and comfort skin. Marjoram is soothing and calming. Ginger warms the area and is known to help optimise and maintain a healthy circulation.

Geranium acts as an antiseptic and deodoriser. It is non-toxic, non-irritating and generally non-sensitising oil. The use of lemon supports a healthy immune system.