Heel, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Relief

Heel, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Relief

Try standing on your toes and then falling back onto your heels with MEDICOVI Twin-heels or D40 insoles in your shoes. This will make it easy to see just how powerful the shock absorption effect is, and help you get an idea for how the water moves beneath your feet to deliver our unique Water Wave Therapy.

After first softening the impact, the insole will deliver a series of hydraulic pressure waves. This is the Water Wave Therapy, which will make the heel cushion perform several small movements. This hydraulic action, which you will only get from MEDICOVI insoles, helps provide powerful pain relief and improves the health of your heel cushion.The pressure waves in the sole's sensory water wave therapy will at the same time be forcing the foot to move continuously. The movements will spread upwards to the loco motor system and automatically provide a more relaxed pain reducing posture.

It's not just the foot that benefits from Water Wave Therapy. The effects of the hydraulic massage will spread upwards through your ankles, knees, hips and even back. This will help promote a healthier posture and reduce pain throughout your body's locomotive systems.



There's another experiment you might want to try to help illustrate the benefits of MEDICOVI insoles. Wearing shoes, stand on the spot and twist from side to side. You'll notice that while using the insoles, this puts a lot less strain on your ankles, knees, hips and back. Shoes fix your feet in place, so your joints have to take on more of the work when you turn side-to-side. MEDICOVI insoles act like an extra joint taking off some of the pressure, allowing your foot to make small rocking movements without throwing you off balance.



These problems are worsened by arch support. Support for your arches may sound like a good thing, but it restricts several key muscle groups that allow your foot to absorb the shock of walking and adapt to different loads, positions and speeds. It also shifts your body's weight towards one of the least resilient parts of the foot. That's why all MEDICOVI insoles give your foot a flat surface without restrictions.

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