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Scooter Store

Custom Made Product | This product is manufactured to your exact specifications. Please use the contact form below to start your inquiry.

Orthorest Healthcare are the Irish Distributors of The Scooter Store.
The Scooter Store is designed especially for owners of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. Just press a button, drive in and plug in to the power system. No need to drag your vehicle through the house or mess about with heavy locks and covers. While it stands safely outside its batteries can be charging ready for your next trip.

We can offer a tailored package to suit the customers needs.
Contact us on 01-4011555 or for more information to discuss your requirements.

The Scooter Store was commissioned to manufacture a Scooter Store to accommodate a mobility scooter keeping it safely stored outside a person’s property.
The standard Scooter Store was developed which has proved to be a great success. The standard Scooter Store measures 5’ long x 4 wide x 3’6” high and is made using 2mm mild steel with a powder coated green finish. (Other colours are available upon request).
The Scooter Store is powered by batteries which are charged by an automatic charger therefore the store requires a 220/240V electrical power supply to the double socket fitted inside the store (in most cases this would be included in your installation price and carried out when installing the store).This enables the user to plug into the electrical socket and charge the scooter when it is locked inside the store. The store has up and down push buttons to raise and lower the lid, these controls can be mounted on the left and right hand side of the store, or if required we can even demount the controls.
When the store is open a person over 6’ can easily stand upright within the store. A lock is fitted to the store which cuts off the power to the opening mechanism.
We can make Scooter Stores to various sizes if necessary, so if you have a larger or smaller scooter or for example a scooter with a canopy we can manufacture a store to suit your specific requirements.
We also supply a double Scooter Store which measures 5’ long x 6’ wide x 3’6”high. The double store allows two scooters to be parked side by side.
Planning permission is not normally required as the Scooter Store is a temporary structure. The store can be re-located; the parts/panels are all replaceable if necessary.
The Scooter Stores are an independence aid as much as a security device.


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