MEDICOVI Insoles Pain-Relieving Water Wave Therapy

MEDICOVI Insoles Pain-Relieving Water Wave Therapy

When you first put MEDICOVI insoles into your shoes, you will notice the difference instantly. Pressure waves will provide a constant massage to the soles of your feet. That's MEDICOVI's unique Water Wave Therapy.

Highly-supportive shoes may sound like a good thing, but they restrict the natural movement of the foot. This can lead to fatigue, concentrate pressure on smaller areas, and cause important tendons to grow weak. MEDICOVI's Water Wave Therapy, on the other hand, increases blood and energy supply to the foot, allows your body weight to be spread over a larger part of the baoll of your foot, and helps keep muscles and tendons healthy.

This provides powerful relief for many kinds of foot pain. By spreading the load of your body weight, allowing the foot's natural dampening movements to operate, and increasing blood and energy supply it will reduce fatigue and prevent damage in the foot. It will also help the tendons that run along the length of the foot – a common source of pain – to stay healthy, strong and flexible.

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