Banish That Blotch

Banish that Blotch

100% natural verrucae treatment.

30ML Bottle

Paraben and SLS free.

Safe for children and diabetics


Banish That Blotch € 15.00

Banish that Blotch has proved to be  excellent in the treatment of verrucae.  It can be used in conjunction with standard treatment from the podiatrist as a treatment to apply  at home in between visits or as a stand alone treatment.  It can be applied all over the foot - not just to the verrucae affected areas . This way more of it is absorbed into the blood stream. This is a gentle treatment for children and has proved to be very successful




Banish that Blotch is created using tea tree, peppermint, marjoram and lemon, which together form a non-toxic, non-irritant oil blend. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic effective against bacteria. Peppermint acts as an antiseptic. Marjoram is cleansing and has rejuvenating elements. Lemon is phototoxic, which means it cannot be applied to the skin before sun exposure. This blend helps to optimise and supports a healthy immune system. This is a great product for invigorating tired feet and legs also can act as an insect repellant.


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