Sangenic Bin

Sangenic Bin

69.99 ex VAT

This nappy disposal system individually wraps dirty nappies in an anti-bacterial film to lock away germs and smells. It holds up to 55 nappies making it perfect for your nursery.

The Sangenic Bin is the most convenient way to dispose of incontinence products.

Not just a bin, Easiseal individually wraps and seals each pad in a fragranced, anti-bacterial film hygienically locking away germs and odour.

Simply insert a pad into the neck of the tub, twist the handle one full turn and the pad disappears into the tub. Close the lid and that’s it, ensuring there is fresh film for the next time.

The pads are kept discreetly sealed away in the tub saving endless trips to the outside bin. When the tub is full the film is easily cut and ready for your wheelie bin.

  • Convenient – hygienically stores up to 40 medium pads (size 5) to save endless trips to the outside bin. Simply empty at your convenience
  • Hygienic – Each pad is individually wrapped in a fragranced, anti-bacterial film which keeps on killing germs inside the tub. It uses fresh film with every twist!
  • Complete odour protection – the twist and seal system, locks away germs and odour which has been proven to be 25 times more effective at odour protection than ordinary plastic bags
  • It’s Discreet – the slimline design fits neatly into your home or professional environment, conveniently storing up to 78 light pads or 40 medium pads at a time
  • Easy to Use – One twist completely seals away germs and odour.
  • The First Cassette comes free and lasts up to a month of average use
  • Dimensions:  860.5 mm x 380 mm x 300.5 mm