Elbowlift Elbow protection

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The Elbowlift Suspension Pad protects the sensitive olecranon and olecranon bursa from friction burns and contusions by elevating and cushioning the elbow in smooth foam. Elbowlift® prevents pressure ulcers, pressure sores and other skin injuries. Smooth, low friction backing improves patient movement. Center hole allows for patient best comfort.

The Elbowlift can be washed safely in the enclosed laundry bag at 60°C and can be autoclaved for sterility.

Prevention of pressure points, ulcers, sores and contusions


for the prevention of sores, wounds or friction burns on the elbow
protection and prevention of sores for bed-redden high risk patients

protects the sensitive tip of the elbow from friction burns and contusions
prevents sores, wounds and other skin injuries
skin and soft tissue viability with effective microclimate friendly material

external soft, smooth nylon coating allows the elbow to
move comfortably across the sheets
easy on – easy off
can be worn on right or left elbow
can be washed (60°C) or autoclaved for sterility

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