Hypo-Allergenic Orthopaedic Pillow

Hypo-Allergenic Orthopaedic Pillow


Designed to ensure correct support for the neck and back. Allows your head and spinal column to fall in to correct alignment.

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Sleep easy and awake refreshed
The new Orthopaedic Pillow from Orthorest was designed by a doctor to ensure correct support for the neck and back while sleeping.

Ideally suited for people who experience pain in the neck, shoulder, back, arm or general muscular pain.

This pillow elleviates pain and helps you sleep better and awake refreshed.

Uniqueily designed to ensure that the elevated portions give your neck firm support allowing your head and spinal column to fall into correct alignment. This reduces muscle stress and strain. The pillow works whether you sleep on your side or your back.

The pillow is made from a selected foam which eliminates common allergies. The foam is fire retartdant and conforms to current fire safety regulations.

The high side of the pillow should be to the front and the lower flat side at the back towards the bedboard. It may take a little time to adjust to this better sleeping position. However, you will feel the benefits after only a couple of nights.

The Orthorest Orthopaedic Pillow will fit any standard pillowcase. The pillowcase can be exchanged and washed as regularly as you require.