MDS 18 Litre Vacuum Autoclave

MDS 18 Litre Vacuum Autoclave

The MDS Medical B class 18 Litre autoclave contains high quality components to
combine both speed and reliability. This autoclave will comfortably withstand the
demands of todays clinic enviroment. This autoclave enables a fast turn around of
sterilising the instruments.
The 5 button LCD display provides ease of use. The machine also offers ease of
traceability and cycles due to its built in printer and USB functionality.
In addition to this we can provide the optional extra of our data management system.

  • Class B Autoclave

  • Auto-run

  • Adjustable sterilising time

  • Quick cycle

  • Maintains temperature for next cycle

  • B&D Test and Helix Test

  • Easy to maintain

  • Printer

  • LCD display

  • Sterilising temperature 121°C/134°C

  • Wrapped or unwrapped

  • Size: (L) 600mm x (W) 500mm x (H) 430mm

  • Tray Size: 190mm (W) x 300mm (L)

  • Internal: 350mm deep x 250mm ø

  • Weight: 43kg

  • Volume: 18 Litres

  • Power: 1.7Kw 220V / 50Hz