Mykored Deodorant Spray Bottle 70ml

Mykored Deodorant Spray Bottle 70ml

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Mykored Deodorant Spray in a bottle helps to prevent skin infections including athlete’s foot.  It is safe, painless and effective at treating and preventing the causes of foot odour and nail infections at a microbial level.

The skin-conditioning agents and urea in its formulation nourish the skin of the foot at the same time.  The Mykored Deodorant Spray promotes foot hygiene and thus helps to reduce the risk of a fungal infection and should be used after a visit to a sauna, swimming pool or public shower.Suitable for use on all skin types and now also diabetics

Not recommended for children under the age of three.

Apply Mykored Spray 1-2 times daily to the feet and do not forget the spaces between the toes. After a visit to the sauna, a swimming pool or a public shower, spray the feet thoroughly.