Five Minute Fungus – Dermatophyte Test Strip Kit (10 Tests)

Five Minute Fungus – Dermatophyte Test Strip Kit (10 Tests)

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Transform the way you diagnose Dermatophyte Nail Infections with the Dermatophyte Test Strip

A simple test undertaken in clinic which returns clear and accurate results.
Published studies have shown the Dermatophyte Test Strip to be 97% accurate as compared to a visual diagnosis being only 67% accurate.

Advantages of the Dermatophyte Tests Strips

• Easy to use
• Raid results in just a few minutes, whilst the patient is in the chair
• No need to send your nail clippings to the laboratory and await results
• Scientifically proven to provide accurate and reliable results
• Can detect the presence of all common dermatophytes in a small sample of nail
• A simple test that can be charged for as part of your business model
• Immediate diagnosis, allowing you to advise the patient accordingly and treat the infection without delay

At last, a reliable and rapid test that can be used in the clinic to accurately diagnose a very common infection” – Ivan Bristow, PHD Podiatrist

The Dermatophyte Test Kit contains all you need to test nail samples:
• 10 Test Strips
• 10 Disposable Test Tubes
• 10 Stirrers
• Test Strip Buffer Solution
• Cardboard Test Tube Holder
• Instructions for use