Neurothesiometer Unit With Battery

Neurothesiometer Unit With Battery

3,050.00 ex VAT

A rechargeable battery operated diagnostic instrument for assessing sensitive thresholds at selected sites on the surface of the body. The instruments, vibrator, battery and charger and all housed in a strong, compact carrying case.

The Neurothesiometer has an LED digital display and a switch enabling the read out to show either bolts applied or the extent of movement of free air movement of the vibrating head in microns.

If your unit needs servicing or re-calibrating please contact us directly.

Charger Sold Separately. 

Used for the determination of vibration sensitivity threshold at any desired site on the body surface. Sensitivity decreases naturally with age but a number of medical conditions can be related to abnormal deterioration.

The Neurothesiometer has applications in:

  • Monitoring the progress of peripheral neuropathy which is associated with diabetes
  • Observation of the reduction of vibration sensitivity in connection with other diseases
  • Routine recording of threshold sensitivity during chiropody leading to early diagnosis of disease or to susceptibility to conditions such as ulcers
  • The study of the effects of treatment on neuropathy and associated or causative conditions
  • Pharmacological and medical research projects involving relatively low costs



  • Simple to operate
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Digital display of volts applied to the vibrator or free air movement of the vibrating head in microns
  • Range expansion: the voltage applied to the vibrator is adjusted by a rotary knob, the range may be switched from normal = 0 – 50 volts/0 – 250 microns, to expanded = 0 – 25 volts/0 – 62.5 microns
  • Ten memories which may be reviewed by switching from store to review, advance memory scrolls through all ten in turn
  • State of charge indication
  • Manufactured under BS 5750 Part 2 QAS34/51 (equivalent to ISO 9002 and EN29002), conforms to BS 5724 Pt1 and medical standard IEC 601-1