Endozime XP 2 Litre

Endozime XP 2 Litre

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Endozime® Xtreme Power is multi-tiered enzymatic detergent with advanced proteolytic action and rust inhibitors designed for use in all endoscope washers, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic washers and for manual cleaning. Endozime® Xtreme Power combines the power of a super-concentrate with the performance of Ruhof’s proven multi-enzyme formula to create the ultimate surgical instrument and scope cleaner. This unique combination gives Endozime® Xtreme Power it’s superior cleaning ability to deliver fast and thorough soil contamination removal.


  • Super-Concentrate: Dilution from 1/8 oz. per gallon (1ml/litre)
  • Effective in all water temperatures (Including cold water)
  • No foam formula removes all soil contamination – blood, protein, fats, carbohydrates and starches
  • Available in smaller bottles – easier to carry, store and pour
  • Compatible with all medical device materials
  • Neutral pH, Free rinsing and 100% Biodegradable
  • Inhibits rust
  • Less detergent usage
  • Less plastic bottle and packaging waste
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Reduction in energy usage

Directions for Use

Endozime® Xtreme Power can be diluted as low as 1/8 oz. (1ml/litre) per (1) gallon of water up to 1/2 oz. (4ml/litre) per one (1) gallon of water, but for optimal results, the following is recommended.

Manual Cleaning

1. Add 1/4 oz. per gallon (2ml per litre) of Endozime® Xtreme Power (Works in all water temperatures)
2. Submerge instruments and scopes to be cleaned. (For scopes: suction or flush through channels before soaking)
3. Soak for two minutes to remove all organic matter. (Heavy soil may require longer time)
4. Rinse thoroughly with tap, distilled or sterile water.
5. Discard used solution.

Automatic Cleaning Devices

1. Pour 1/4 oz. per gallon (2 ml/litre) directly into detergent reservoir or use full strength.
2. Calibrate the washer dilution at 1/4 oz. per gallon (2 ml/litre) of water


Endozime Data Sheet